For Those Confused and Lost Regarding Career Pathway and Direction in Life | Driven Young | Lauren Kress & Byron Dempsey

    By Byron Dempsey | media | 6 Jul 2020 |

    Source: Byron Dempsey, Driven Young

    Today we are exploring the education system and what students should be doing after they graduate, plus the array of career options you are probably unaware of.

    Today’s guest is Lauren Kress, a business owner, branding and marketing expert and podcast host who specialises in helping B2B thought leaders share their information in a candid and authentic way.

    Today we explore her story and her advice as someone who has worked and assisted young people her entire life. We get into if you should continue your uni degree even if you aren’t enjoying it, the power of building a network early, how to decide which career pathway you should choose, the problem with the education system, the pressure young people face and much much more.