Why do some mediocre ideas go viral - and other great ideas gain no traction? How is it that so many viable offers fail in their first years? What really makes your brand memorable for your long-term success?
    In order to answer these questions we need to look at how our brain works. In this insightful presentation we take a close look at neuromarketing and how to create your business story - and make it stick.

    1) Understand how the brain works when it comes to information processing
    2) Discover the cognitive biases that every marketer needs to know
    3) Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your current marketing approach
    4) Learn what makes your brand and your content - stick


    This myth-busting keynote session on business and brand growth takes a hard look at the widespread assumptions made in the marketing profession.
    Challenging the ideas championed by some of the most recognised experts in the industry including Mark Ritson, Adam Ferrier and Amanda Stevens, this unique session is poignant, provocative and the perfect segue to a debate that will engage your audience and keep them talking - and arguing - until your next event.

    1) Learn how to stop spinning your wheels on ineffective marketing efforts
    2) Understand when to use your science cap and when to use your creative cap to make the most of marketing
    3) Identify opportunities to better integrate best marketing practices into your business


    Just because we can measure something, doesn’t mean it’s what we need to be measuring.
    If we start with assumptions when we ask a question, it’s very hard to not be led by those assumptions.
    As a result we’re in danger of cherry picking facts in order to come up with a solution that we like or feel comfortable with.
    This presentation is delivered as an interactive workshop tailored to the relevant industry within business, government or non-profit sectors.

    1) Learn the frameworks of scientific enquiry
    2) Discover how to apply scientific-led discovery in your industry
    3) Discuss correlation vs. causation to understand what data we need in order to inform our decision-making
    4) Understand the limits of quantitative data and ROI measurements


    The Future of Work is already here - so what are the opportunities that this brave new world provides? How do we best navigate this?
    In what way must we act to ensure sustainability, inclusion and innovation?
    How can we use this to empower our customers, community and people to enjoy happier, healthier and more enriching lives? All this and more will be uncovered in this session.

    Learning Outcomes

    1) Understand the shift that is taking place at a local and global level and the changes that will continue to come
    2) Identify industry-relevant opportunities for growth
    3) Feel confident in developing a roadmap for these opportunities
    4) Be inspired to adopt values that align with CSR best practice

    Lauren Kress is the creator of the Youtube series Home Start, host of the Grow Your Brand podcast and Founder of The Change Makers Collective: a science-led growth consultancy for visionary thinkers and leaders who are changing the world for the better.

    Clients work with Lauren and her team because they seek to increase their brand and business value with sound strategic advice and guidance.

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