Are you ready to become a thought leader?

    Why thought leadership will propel your life & business forward

    As an agency owner, consultant, freelancer or business coach, we don’t need a large amount of sales to come through our door to get our business off the ground.

    Instead we might need 1, 2 or 3 foundational clients to help us get started as we learn on the job - building the boat as we're sailing.

    We gain market insights and develop our understanding of customer behaviour while we have money coming through our doors.

    It's a pretty nice way to start a business - more comfortable, less risky. Great, right?

    But here’s the problem: This is where many of us stay.

    We get stuck in a place where we rely on a handful of clients to keep us busy. We keep our heads down and our bums up as we focus on delivering our best work.

    As a result it's difficult to put the time, care and attention into building our brand and reputation outside of our small network of peers and clients.

    When we have a small personal brand we have a tendency to take on jobs we don't want to do, or aren't allowing us to do our best work.

    We put up with the bad clients and the mediocre clients to "get by".

    We don't look forward to our day and have less energy for our work.

    We become beholden to single large accounts that, if and when lost, cripple our business.

    We see others in our industry doing similar work and we watch from the sidelines as they share their business and life successes whilst we remain silent and ashamed of the problems we've got in our own business.

    When we do share a win, post an article or appear on a podcast, it doesn't seem to really go anywhere, so what's the point?

    If you know that feeling of dread as you come to the end of a project and stare into the abyss of an empty pipeline, it's time to change the way you think about you and your brand.

    If only a small group of clients, sometimes good, sometimes...not so good... know about the great work we're doing, how can we expect to attract more of our ideal clients?

    We can only begin to move past this feast and famine state when we decide to invest in ourselves and build our market reputation.

    By becoming a thought leader you will attract more of the right opportunities for you and your business to grow the way you want. You will attract more:

    Clients who are the right fit for you.

    Employees whose values align with yours.

    Relevant media and speaking opportunities.

    Collaborators and partners to build your referral network.

    You will attract more opportunities that matter for you and align with where you want to take your business and your life.

    Lauren Kress' cycle of success

    For instance, if you are feeling burnt out and run down right now, perhaps starting by focusing on your health and rejuvenation will make the most sense for you.

    If you feel like you’ve gained some clarity around your life and purpose, then you may feel like right now is the time to put yourself out there and start attracting more of the opportunities you’re seeking in your life - and that's where I come in.

    I help people who are at the stage where they are ready and willing to be proactive in creating more opportunities in their life by investing in growing their personal brand.

    Find out more about how I can help you become a thought leader by scheduling a zoom conference call with me here.

    Are you ready to take you and your business seriously?

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