Create months of video content (even if you're camera shy!)

    Let's have fun bringing your brand to life on camera together!
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    Business Content Doesn't Have to be Boring!

    In a nutshell... I interview smart entrepreneurs, practitioners & providers who are ready to bring their brand to life with engaging, informative and fun content :)

    Conversations help us to get in-the-zone and use that flow state of mind to tell our best stories.

    This is why I've found the interview format to be the most helpful when we want to quickly enable experts to generate market awareness, interest and intrigue.

    In contrast, jumping in front of a camera to 'just' share all that gold on your own... isn't easy!

    I've practiced for years to slowly, slowly get better at doing the whole face-to-camera thing (seriously, it took a long time - you only need to go have a look at my first face-to-camera attempt here to see where I was at a few years ago!)

    But after interviewing over 200 business experts and making over 50 appearances in the media and on podcast shows myself, I've learnt that it's a whole lot easier in conversation.

    Even the most camera shy people are great on video when they're in that zone.

    If you feel like your reluctance to get on camera has been holding you back in business, then let's build your online profile together with the power of curiosity & conversation.


    In conversation fuelled by customer curiosity our brain works differently. As the speaker our brain seeks to synchronise with our listening customers in order to effectively communicate and connect with them.

    Our brain is literally seeking to get on the same wavelength.

    Each participant in these conversations shows changes in their brain neural patterns - a state called neural synchrony.

    By acting as the ambassador for your next best customer during recorded conversations together, I will help you share your BEST stories with the world and help you to:

    - Clearly articulate solutions to your customer's biggest pain points

    - Build familiarity and rapport with your target market

    - Prompt you to make your abstract ideas more concrete

    - Raise common objections listeners may have for you to respond to and address

    - Warm up customers ready for you to close them on a sales call

    During a half-day recording we will build your bank of audio visual content to repurpose so that you can achieve your growth objectives over the next 3 months.

    Where to from here?

    Over a free initial consultation call, you and I will co-design your brand story, interview series and distribution plan to meet your objectives.

    I offer a range of different packages depending on the resource, time and budget you have to work with (keep scrolling to find out more!)

    If you'd like to explore how we can work together book in a call here or send me a message on LinkedIn.

    Different packages to suit your budget & needs

    = Content Hack-a-thon
    Work with me intensively to cover everything you need to launch your content production line.

    Learn more by booking a call with me using the button below.

     = Branded Content Interviews
    A half-day shoot recorded at a location of your choosing* or virtually via zoom

    *In compliance with COVID-19 travel restrictions, contact me for further information.

     = Sponsorship or Partnership
    Get attention and deep engagement from an audience of entrepreneurs and business founders via my top performing podcast show Grow Your Brand and our multimedia channels.

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    Rebecca Marcs

    Smart, fresh and results driven. A great experience all round.

    Rebecca Marcs

    Robin Miles

    Working with Lauren has been an absolute privilege and I couldn't recommend her higher.

    Robin Miles

    James Sewell

    Working with Lauren has been great. Lauren really knows her stuff.

    James Sewell

    Armina Fareed

    Lauren’s subject matter expertise helped me understand some complicated business perceptions. She is a joy to talk to. She is the best.

    Armina Fareed

    Dayna Stewart

    Lauren was a dream to work with! She is easy going, a great laugh and very professional. I would highly recommend Lauren's services to any business or individual looking to promote their brand through clever content.

    Dayna Stewart

    Professional Recommendation for Lauren Kress from Brian Fretwell

    If you think you might be one conversation away from clarity in your messaging, then that one conversation should be with Lauren. In fact, if you think you are a few conversations should still talk with Lauren. As a professional that teaches people how to ask better questions myself, I can tell you that Lauren asks some of the best.

    Brian Fretwell