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    Lauren helps ambitious entrepreneurs, thought leaders and SME’s across the Health, Wealth and Professional Service industries to increase their market share and transform their business from the inside out - and the outside in.

    Her 4 Pillar Business Science System uses Neuroscience, Behavioural Psychology and Marketing Science to empower you to cut through the noise and gain a competitive advantage to Become a Market Leader.

    She's helped clients triple customer acquisition, launch entirely new revenue streams and overtake competitors in their industry.

    Grow Your Brand

    Lauren's signature service combines science and creative know-how to enable you to become a market leader in your industry or niche

    Craft Your Website

    Lauren and her team don't just build pretty websites - they provide an end-to-end service so you can test, learn, and grow your business online (for the same cost as a standard website build or redesign!)

    Inspire Business Leaders

    As a speaker, educator and media commentator, Lauren empowers business and marketing leaders to reconnect with their vision and values and adopt transformative leadership practices by understanding human behaviour and how the brain works.

    Websites for Health, Wealth & Professional Service Businesses

    Before You Spend $$$ Building a Website - Watch This!

    "My website is really an online business card"

    "I just need a simple website that looks professional - like an online brochure"

    I see these briefs come across my desk everyday - and there's a big problem with this thinking.

    Before you throw away your hard earned $$$ by hiring a web developer or digital agency to create or revamp your website - watch this!

    If you'd like to create a website that helps you get more customers you can:

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    A Fantastic Speaker

    "Lauren spoke as part of an alumni panel at our first ever ‘Your Future in Science Festival’ – a celebration and careers expo for new UNSW Science graduates. She was a fantastic speaker – very engaging, enthusiastic and confident. You could tell right from the beginning she was a natural. It was wonderful to hear how her Science degree has informed the work she does now, along with the insightful advice she had for our new grads. We really appreciated it and I know our new grads did too"

    Sarah Remfrey, Alumni & Engagement Co-ordinator, UNSW

    Smart, Savvy, Brilliant

    "Lauren Kress is smart, savvy and brilliant Marketer and Entrepreneur with a heart of gold. Nice, trustworthy lady. LOVE HER WORK!"

    Edward Zia, #1 Marketing Mentor & Coach

    Extremely Motivational

    "Lauren’s talk on making brands ‘stick’ at a recent web development seminar was extremely motivational. Her ability to combine consumer behaviour empathy with business strategy and deliver it in a comprehensive, inspiring package is unique. Highly recommend Lauren for coaching in business development and business to business communications. I look forward to hearing her talk again on related topics."

    Helene Psarakis, Director, ThinkBowl

    I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

    "Working with Lauren has been one of the best things I have done for my health and fitness business. I have worked with and consulted with numerous high profile marketing people who never 'got me'. Lauren really took the time to understand my vision and package it in a way where I always struggled. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!"

    Sean McGuinness, Founder & Personal Trainer, Livelong Performance

    A Leader in This Space

    "Lauren is a strategic healthcare communications expert. Her ability to provide clients with impeccable service makes her a leader in this space. Lauren is a pleasure to work with, her attention to detail is brilliant, and nothing is ever too much trouble."

    Olivia Deadman, Business Unit Manager, AbbVie

    An Amazing Entrepreneur

    "I have been lucky enough to know Lauren for many years now as we went to high school together but it wasn't until we recently reconnected and bonded as business owners that I have had the chance to get to know Lauren as an amazing entrepreneur. Lauren's insights and thoughts on business are extremely valuable and I get a lot out of our regular catch ups. Her clients are truly lucky to have such an amazing consultant working with them to strengthen their brands and their business. If you have been thinking about working with Lauren but haven't taken the plunge yet, I highly recommend reaching out and getting started as your business will be so much better off for it."

    Anthea Stevanovic, Director, Intelligent Directions

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