Have you been looking for the "right strategy" to grow your brand and business?

    As a recovering perfectionist and growth strategist 5 years deep into running my own business I can tell you right now, there is no perfect solution and no silver bullet to brand building & business growth.

    Belief in obtaining the ideal strategy is extremely limiting because by pursuing this perfection we fail to experiment, learn & grow. The longer we hold onto this belief, the longer our success is delayed.

    I call this strategy paralysis - a mindset where great business ideas go to die because a strategy is only as good as a) the science behind it and b) the habits we establish to bring it into reality.

    I have been stuck in the strategy stage many times myself and I know how much of an energy and productivity drain this is when it becomes our place to procrastinate rather than play.

    We may feel hesitant to challenge our belief in the "right solution" because we're afraid of becoming mediocre... but letting go of our belief in the perfect strategy doesn't mean becoming satisfied with the status quo.

    This is not about compromising on your vision. Instead it is about breaking free of stagnation by adopting a system for success that will enable us to, bit-by-bit achieve more and more.

    This system of success isn't about me teaching you a specific set of business & life hacks to follow. Instead my focus is on helping you to BE & DO by experimenting bravely, learning continuously and growing exponentially.

    This is the reason I work as a science-based strategist who coaches.

    We both know that access to the entirety of collective human knowledge is just a click away.

    There's plenty of articles & advice out there about HOW to build your brand and business. I've got a whole podcast dedicated to this very topic with 3 new episodes published every week (if you're interested, you can check out my show Grow Your Brand ).

    But having the know-how of what to do is only one ingredient to success. You and I both know there are benefits and pitfalls of being intellectually gifted. At school, university and in corporate life we can get by on having a high IQ and an agreeable temperament. In fact with these two things we can go on to reap some of the most notable rewards & accolades granted by these institutions.

    But in entrepreneurship many of the behaviours and habits these institutions rewarded us for turn out to not be particularly helpful - in fact they may even work against us when it comes to achieving our version of success.

    Instead of listening to a teacher or manager we must listen to ourselves and our market. Instead of following instructions we need to sustain the curiosity to creatively explore and instead of gaining external recognition we require the self-confidence to back ourselves when no-one else is around.

    Thinking smart isn't the same as being brave enough to say your dreams out loud.

    Being studious isn't the same as being courageous enough to live outside of the cultural norms of corporate life.

    Progress in our business and life happens when we are prepared to revisit how we see ourselves and the way we live. This is what enables us to help people, improve policies and protect our planet as a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

    So where do we begin?

    A good place to start is to ask ourselves three questions - and be prepared to listen for our own answers and not someone else's.

    These three questions are:

    1) Who do I want to be?

    2) How do I want to live?

    3) What is my system of success to make this possible?

    If you'd like to explore these three questions with me you can schedule a free 15-minute discovery call for us to discuss your situation in further detail.

    Ps. Here's some of my free business coaching online videos :)

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    Working with Lauren has been an absolute privilege and I couldn't recommend her higher.

    Robin Miles

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    Working with Lauren has been great. Lauren really knows her stuff.

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    Armina Fareed

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    Dayna Stewart

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    If you think you might be one conversation away from clarity in your messaging, then that one conversation should be with Lauren. In fact, if you think you are a few conversations away...you should still talk with Lauren. As a professional that teaches people how to ask better questions myself, I can tell you that Lauren asks some of the best.

    Brian Fretwell

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