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    My job is to showcase your value. 

    Is it better to be the interviewer or the interviewee?

    Right now, many B2B experts and thought leaders are turning to podcasting and live streaming as a means to grow their reputation. If you're thinking about starting your own show - ask yourself - "is it better for me to be the interviewer or the interviewee?" If you're not sure, use the button below to contact me today about the pros and cons of each side of the microphone.

    I help B2B experts showcase their talent with compelling content & case study interviews.

    When you're in need of a presenter or interview host with the business acumen and experience to showcase your intelligence and expertise, contact me to achieve real impact with your message.

    What most B2B podcasters don't tell you about starting a podcast...

    Video Marketing: How to grow an audience on youtube the smarter way...

    How can we compel businesses to buy?

    A lot of B2B brands are forgetting about the B2H rule: We're businesses for humans. To create Business-to-Human connection we need to tell the engaging stories people care about. Contact me today using the button below to find out the simplest and most effective way to bring these stories to life.

    Let's create compelling content together...

    ...On Stage

    Hire me to facilitate conversations with you or your keynote speakers at your next conference

    Lauren speaks at UNSW Future in Science Festival


    Break the four walls of your conference with a podcast or video booth at your next event

    Lauren Kress hosts Neurodiversity Symposium podcast for Thriving Now 2019


    Capitalise on livestream conversations, webinars, pre-recorded zoom interviews and more

    ...In the Studio

    Half-day and full-day recording sessions to build your content marketing funnel