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    A Transformational Journey

    "I have had the pleasure of working with Lauren from Change Makers for almost a year. This journey has been transformational not only from a marketing point of view but has shown me how messaging and medium are so important to get right. Lauren has really challenged me as a business owner and helped me to home in on the important success factors for my clients. She has also ingrained the philosophy of marketing and brand as a long game that needs to come from an authentic place of service. I am very values driven and have been impressed how she has persisted over time (some of the planning session were tough) in getting to the heart of what I want to achieve, showing me how to interact and talk with my clients at a different level."

    Robert Crowe, CEO & Founder, Leading for Purpose

    An Amazing Entrepreneur

    "I have been lucky enough to know Lauren for many years now as we went to high school together but it wasn't until we recently reconnected and bonded as business owners that I have had the chance to get to know Lauren as an amazing entrepreneur. Lauren's insights and thoughts on business are extremely valuable and I get a lot out of our regular catch ups. Her clients are truly lucky to have such an amazing consultant working with them to strengthen their brands and their business. If you have been thinking about working with Lauren but haven't taken the plunge yet, I highly recommend reaching out and getting started as your business will be so much better off for it."

    Anthea Stevanovic, Director & Founder, Intelligent Directions

    Extremely Motivational

    "Lauren’s talk on making brands ‘stick’ at a recent web development seminar was extremely motivational. Her ability to combine consumer behaviour empathy with business strategy and deliver it in a comprehensive, inspiring package is unique. Highly recommend Lauren for coaching in business development and business to business communications. I look forward to hearing her talk again on related topics."

    Helene Psarakis, Director & Marketing Consultant, ThinkBowl 

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