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    It's impossible to not be "data-driven" because information is everywhere. It's what you collect and how use it that determines whether or not you will gain deeper insight.

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    The Science of Business

    By Jenn Donovan | media | 3 Jun 2020 |

    Source: Small Business Made Simple with Jenn Donovan

    Today I have on the podcast a guest with the best LAUGH ever!  Her laugh is infectious but that’s not why she’s here – she’s here to talk science with us – business science!

    My guest is Lauren Kress, The Business Scientists and her business is the Change Makers Collective.

    The Change makers collective is a science-led growth consultancy business, with Lauren at the helm.

    At the time of this recording Lauren and I had spent a lot of time (virtual time) together.  We’d been on a TV program together; I’d been live on her LinkedIn and now she’s on my podcast – so we’d had loads of great conversations over the past week.

    Her approach to marketing is awesome and a little unique – at least the way she sees it.  It’s interesting how marketing has these core principles that every marketer talks about, but they put their own spin on things – Lauren’s spin – science.

    Her perspective creates curiosity – one of the best personal traits of any successful business owner.

    I could’ve talked to her ALL day and I mean all day!

    So, let’s dive in … I can’t wait for you to hear all Lauren’s wisdom.  Oh, and just so you know, about the 30 minute mark we had a tech glitch (blame Covid) so there’s a break in the conversation and a restart – you’ll just need to forgive us

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