Is your business ready for the future? (The FUTURE series: Part 1)

    By Lauren Kress | Blog, Article | 11 May 2019 |

    Are you sick of a revolving door of consultants with extravagant fees and piecemeal solutions? A recent survey from Deloitte found that keeping up with the rapid pace of technological change was difficult for a number of business leaders. In fact it's pretty tricky for consultants too...


    Why I love America: An Aussie's Perspective

    By Lauren Kress | Blog, Article | 1 Mar 2019 |

    Like a fair few Aussies of my generation, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to-and-from the States and other parts of the world since I was in my early teens. For me, seeing the world was as informative as completing my first university degree.


    How 1 Bad Assumption Can Cost You $Millions

    By Lauren Kress | Blog, Article | 7 Feb 2019 |

    It's scary to think that one bad decision at the strategic level could be costing your business millions of dollars in revenue (or more...depending on the size of your business). Unfortunately, avoiding the pain of thinking about that - isn't going to make the problem go away anytime soon.


    What C-Suite Execs Need to Know About the Brain to Cope with Rapid Change

    By Lauren Kress | Blog, Article | 6 Jan 2019 |

    Leadership requires a deep understanding of the self and what it is to be human. Whether you believe we are in the third or fourth industrial revolution there is no denying that the ways in which technology is now enabling us to interact with one another is unprecedented.


    But I Need More Clients Now!

    By Lauren Kress | Blog, Article | 15 Nov 2018 |

    Are you letting stress run your business? Talk to any marketing strategist worth their salt and they will tell you that building your brand - and your client-base - takes time.


    Thinking about freelancing? Think again...

    By Lauren Kress, The Business Scientist | Blog, Article | 24 Aug 2018 |

    Freelancing and running a successful business are two very different things - but in the "gig economy" the lines are becoming blurred...


    How do I start a business with no money and no collateral?

    By Lauren Kress | Blog, Article | 22 Aug 2018 |

    I quit my job when I was 26 and started my business with no money and no collateral but had 6-figures of business booked within 3 months of venturing out on my own.


    What Brené Brown Taught Me About Failure

    By Lauren Kress, The Business Scientist | Blog, Article | 26 Jun 2017 |

    Failure comes in all shapes and sizes and in recent years a number of businesses and organisations have spoken out about the importance of getting better at embracing failures and mistakes.


    5 things I’ve learned from my first year in business: An open letter to a slightly younger me

    By Lauren Kress | Blog, Article | 15 Jun 2017 |

    One year ago today I resigned from my job in media to start a consultancy alongside. This is an open letter of advice for business-starting to my slightly younger self.


    Australian Journal Of Pharmacy Broadcasts Industry Event Via Facebook Live

    By B&T | Blog, media | 15 Mar 2017 |

    The  Australian Journal of Pharmacy (AJP)  has provided its readers-come-viewers with wall-to-wall broadcast coverage from Australia’s largest Pharmacy event on Facebook Live.

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