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    We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

    When I graduated from high school just shy of my 17th birthday, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.
    It had always puzzled me from a young age - that question - "what am I going to do when I grow up?"
    Turns out it would be a question that haunted me for most of my twenties!
    What I did know - and knew from the time I can remember - is that I didn’t want to spend my life doing something I hated, that made me dread the work week, that felt meaningless, boring, unfulfilling...

    Did you know:

    1) We spend one third of our life working

    2) 85% of people in full-time employment, hate the job they're in right now

    3) 95% of entrepreneurs say they are happier working for themselves

    And those same entrepreneurs are happy "despite" also admitting that working for themselves is much more challenging with longer hours, less income and more stress.
    In fact it could be argued that entrepreneurs are happier at work BECAUSE they are being challenged to learn, grow and push themselves to their limits to achieve their full potential.
    In psychology we know that job satisfaction is largely correlated with the PERMA model for happiness and wellbeing put forward by Professor Seligman.
    The PERMA model describes 5 domains that are necessary for wellbeing - these are:
    Positive Emotion - we all love to experience more good feelings and less bad ones!
    Engagement - being challenged by our work and learning new things (read my blog post on coping with rapid change if you're interested in learning more about this)
    Recognition - we want a pat on the back and a "well done" either from ourselves (internal) and others (external) - 
    Meaning - feeing like the work we do is part of something greater than ourselves that is making a positive difference in the world
    Achievement - getting to the end of the day, week, month and year knowing we've accomplished our goals, this can also be about longer term goals that contribute to us leaving a legacy.
    ...For me, I decided that helping people grow their brand so they can make a positive contribution to society and live their life to their full potential was what I wanted to do as a "grown up" :) (although I still don't feel like one!)
    Because...there’s a lot of problems in the world that need solving - and by supporting people and businesses to do their best work, I get to feel pretty good too!

    Embracing the time we live in

    Most businesses aren't adopting marketing practices that truly capitalise on the time we’re living in.
    According to a PwC study of Industry 4.0, one of the most commonly cited reasons for businesses struggling to adapt and evolve alongside disruption and rapid change is a lack of skills and capability for gathering and interpreting data - in particular, data related to their customer needs and behaviours.
    Wait. Stop. Think about that for a second. Most businesses around the world are struggling to understand the people they were designed to serve.
    That is CRAZY!
    Because it’s not that the information doesn't exist. It’s just that the world is changing rapidly and the business frameworks that we've used in the past to navigate this information are falling short in this brave new world we live in.
    That's where science comes in.
    Business Science is about using the scientific framework to make informed decisions about our business and brand practices - thinking about the business you're in or the business you want to be in, like a scientist.
    Science provides us with a set of best practices that we develop through the gathering and interpretation of data for continued improvement.
    Scientific enquiry, observation, experimentation along with established empirical laws provides us with the ability to make reliable predictions about the future and act accordingly for best outcomes in our business.
    By learning the frameworks, methodologies and tools to govern and lead your business you will unlock your full potential.


    Lauren's confidence and comfort on stage is matched by few and can be attributed to her early start as a violinist. 

    From the age of 6 Lauren has performed at venues including the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, The Seymour Centre and Enmore Theatre.

    Her energy and enthusiasm as a teacher and entrepreneur make her a delightful speaker.



    Many consumer experts have it wrong when it comes to the science of behaviour, motivation and decision-making.

    Lauren's experience as a business leader and extensive study in and outside of university in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, consumer trends and creative thinking shines a scientific light on how to grow business through high-impact sales and marketing practice.

    Lauren welcomes a debate and is readily available for interviews and commentary in the media. 




    Lauren has advised leading national and global brands including Bayer, Telstra, AbbVie and Bauer.

    As the CEO of THE CHANGE MAKERS COLLECTIVE , Lauren shows brands big and small how to use science to grow their business and empower their people and their customers to enjoy happier, healthier and more enriching lives.

    Visit THE CHANGE MAKERS below to find out more about Lauren and her team's work.



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