Hi! As you probably know... I'm Lauren... and I talk about how to use science to grow your business

    I used to be obsessed with getting crystal clear on my vision and where I wanted to be.

    This meant I spent a lot of time imagining the rewards I would reap from my future achievements.

    But as a highly imaginative visionary, it wasn't hard for me to daydream my way out of almost any problem I faced... and that only made my problems worse.

    When we see the need for change and want to make a profound impact, we can get frustrated by slow paced, incremental change and this can take us out of the present moment.

    We try to escape the pain of actually facing the music and dealing with our problems at hand - but this is the process we need to undertake if we want to succeed.

    The middle of our story isn't just a montage - it's the process we must endure in order to reap the rewards.

    Our eagerness to skip the middle - and instead leap forward can affect our judgement and decision making.

    We over-invest in business and marketing activities that won't work for the stage we're at right now.

    We listen to bad advice from so-called "experts" who know less than we do because we doubt ourselves, our talents and our skills.

    Or we "simply" give up and start splitting our focus as we look for new opportunities we can jump on for a completely different business idea.

    Having a vision is important - but to achieve that vision we need to stop and take a closer look at our current situation and work through the middle of our story.

    Science provides us with powerful frameworks to take a closer look at the problems we're facing and determine the most reliable ways to overcome them so we can turn that vision into our reality.

    I'm passionate about helping people learn how to influence others, build their reputation and make deeper and more memorable connections with people around the world.

    Most people say success is about who you know - but it's actually about who knows you.

    That's what growing your brand is all about.

    If you want to make a difference in society, climb the corporate ladder, turn your side-hustle into your day job, make meaningful connections - wherever you want to influence decision and progress - your voice needs to be heard.

    I help visionaries, business leaders and change makers grow their brand by understanding how to apply findings from psychology, neuroscience, entrepreneurship and economics to their business development and marketing activities.

    Everyone has a brand - but most people never learn how to use.

    If you'd like to learn how we can work together to harness your brand so you can get more of what you want out of your life, book in a 90-minute 1-on-1 session with me today.


    Bachelor of Science with Honours Neuroscience, Physiology, Psychology

    Honours research completed at the Translational Neuroscience Facility at UNSW under the supervision of Professor Gary Housley and Dr Ann Wong

    Masters, Cross-disciplinary Art and Design Creative Thinking, Interactive Media and Advertising for a Global Marketplace

    You can hire me to...

    Lauren speaks at UNSW Future in Science Festival

    Speak & Debate

    Looking for an engaging speaker at your next event? Lauren has been featured on national radio, internationally-renowned podcasts and on-stage to talk about business science, consumer behaviour, brand growth and entrepreneurship

    Lauren Kress hosts Neurodiversity Symposium podcast for Thriving Now 2019

    Host & Facilitate

    After working in media and communications facilitating interviews behind the camera Lauren has now been in front of the camera and the microphone for over 2 years and hosts podcast coverage at events and in-studio podcasts on behalf of her clients.

    Lauren running a workshop on storytelling at Moble in 2017

    Mentor & Teach

    Growing your brand is about leveraging your existing value, intel and assets. I guarantee you that in 30 minutes I can help you find a way to grow your brand that suits your time and budget - whatever that looks like.


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    The Change Makers Collective

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