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    G'day! I'm Lauren Kress, The Business Scientist®

    "Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge." Carl Sagan

    I'm passionate about democratising tools & information to help entrepreneurs grow businesses that do meaningful work and make the world a better place.

    Learn more about how you can adopt an entrepreneurship mindset here and find out how you can grow your business with marketing science here.

    Cut Through

    Does your market know you?

    Did you know that 71% of online B2B research starts with a generic, unbranded search query?

    That means that most of the time, your potential clients are looking for the help they think they need, not for you.

    If you aren't offering to help your market when they need it most - they'll learn about your competitors instead.

    How easy is it for your market to get helpful hints from you?

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    Gain Credibility

    Does your market trust you?

    Many consultants attempt to establish credibility with a potential client by using jargon that "proves" their expertise.

    Instead, more often than not we simply baffle our audience.

    To establish trust we must communicate clearly. Being genuine, personable and, most importantly, easy-to-understand goes a long way!

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    Increase Conversion

    Does your market feel the need to act?

    Can you compel your next potential client to take action?

    When we're operating in the B2B space, we need to consider multiple stakeholders throughout the sales process.

    Even with this added complexity AND rational decision making at play, emotion drives action.

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    What my clients say...


    Lauren asks the best questions!

    As a professional that teaches people how to ask better questions myself, I can tell you that Lauren asks some of the best.

    In a few minutes, and with pages of notes, you are likely to leave what you thought was going to be a quick chat with loads of new ideas and a direction you hadn't considered ten minutes ago, yet seems so obvious now.

    Do yourself a favour. Book some time, get some clarity, and feel better about the direction your messaging - and perhaps your whole business is headed, with Lauren's help.

    Brian Fretwell, Founder at PeopleStrength

    Renee Hasseldine, Founder and CEO Think RAPT
    We're so thrilled we engaged Lauren!

    I totally knew I wanted to work with Lauren in some capacity from our first meeting. I love their brilliant brain and their attitude to business.

    As most business owners will know, when you're too close to your own business, you can't see what needs to be seen. We're so thrilled we engaged Lauren to give our marketing an overhaul! We felt like we had lots of pieces of the puzzle there, but they weren't all necessarily working well together.

    Lauren has got us to a fantastic stage in a couple of months. We now have an awesome visual representation of our whole marketing system (I am obsessed with visuals)!

    We can see how everything fits together and what the purpose of each piece in the puzzle is.

    We're now at the stage where we can just adjust and tweak things moving forward. Already we see momentum building with our lead gen and sales and we're so excited.

    Renée Hasseldine, Founder & CEO at Think RAPT

    A transformational journey.

    My journey with Lauren has been transformational not only from a marketing point of view but has shown me how messaging and medium are so important to get right.

    Lauren has really challenged me as a business owner and helped me to home in on the important success factors for my clients.

    Lauren has also ingrained the philosophy of marketing and brand as a long game that needs to come from an authentic place of service.

    I am very values driven and have been impressed with how Lauren has persisted over time (some of the planning session were tough) in getting to the heart of what I want to achieve, showing me how to interact and talk with my clients at a different level.

    Robert Crowe, Founder at Leading for Purpose

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