Talent Release Agreement

    In consideration of the producer, Lauren Kress, Grow Your Brand (Producers), the Releasor irrevocably authorises and grants to the Producer, his or her or its successors and assigns, the right to record the Releasor’s performance (if any), and to include the Material (if any) in photograph form or any other production which the Producer makes in any and all media forever throughout the world without restriction. 

    The Releasor hereby consents to the Producer, his or her or its successors and assigns, doing or omitting to do any thing which would otherwise breach any moral rights under the Copyright Act 1968 held by the Releasor in connection with the Releasor’s image and/or the Material, and the Releasor hereby releases the Producer, his or her or its successors and assigns from any claims (of any nature) arising out of any use of the photographs or any other production related to the images including the right to edit, change, copy, add to, take from, adapt and or translate, in any manner or context, the Releasor’s image and the Material for any purpose and in any media.

    The Releasor acknowledges that the Producer owns all right, title and interest in and to the images.  

    The Releasor acknowledges that nothing in this Release shall oblige the Producer to make any use of the rights granted in this Release. 

    This Release covers all Material (if any) provided by the Releasor to the Producer, whether or not provided before or after the date of this Release or before or after the recording of such Material by the Producer, unless any restriction is specifically stated in this Release.