When it comes to growing my business, I'm not looking for a mediocre plan... I'm looking for high-impact strategies... how about you?
    Do you find a lot of content to be too basic, slow-paced and mediocre?

    I’ve done the courses, read the books, listened to the podcasts...

    So I KNOW a lot of consultants, coaches and teachers out there are overpromising and under delivering when it comes to helping knowledgeable business owners who are serious about growing their business and creating a movement that will motivate the masses.

    Their information is pitched to business leaders but is actually made for people who are not just on their business L-Plates but their career L-Plates as well...
    "Working with Lauren has been one of the best things I have done for my health and fitness business. I have worked with and consulted with numerous high profile marketing people who never 'got me'. Lauren really took the time to understand my vision and package it in a way where I always struggled. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!"
    - Sean McGuinness, Founder, Livelong Performance
    There's nothing wrong with being a beginner starting out and testing your first product with a small market segment or niche - but what if you're ready to really make an impact?

    Along with providing free content and resources to help your business thrive, I've designed three science-led, highly valuable and affordable advanced programs to support change makers and visionaries who are looking to create a movement that will motivate the masses.
    Scroll down to read more about each of these programs in more detail.

    $9K worth of value for $150

    Ready to build your customer acquisition roadmap?
    When you're struggling to attract your ideal clients, getting professional business and marketing advice feels like a luxury you simply can't afford.
    Drawing on the latest insights from neuroscience, behavioural psychology and marketing science I've designed this 90-minute session to help you figure exactly what you need to do to get your marketing funnel on track and grow your business.
    Limited sessions are available each week. If you can't find a time that suits, please reach out to Lauren to arrange an alternative time by sending an email to lauren.kress@thechangemakers.org.au

    In this 90-minute session you will

    ✔ Learn how to tell compelling, shareable stories to grow your brand
    ✔ Understand how to drive traffic to your website and convert on demand
    ✔ Access templates to create, track and optimise your marketing funnels
    ✔ Increase the number of ideal clients you get through your door

    $90K worth of value for $9K

    Creating your Standard Operating Procedures for Revenue Growth
    You've done your market research, you've got your social media channels up and running.
    You're website is live and it's getting some traffic.
    You've done some media and speaking.
    Clients are prepared to pay a premium for your service.
    But you're finding it hard to keep your pipeline full.
    There's no time to give your brand the love and attention it needs to flourish.
    Or build out your campaigns
    Or keep track of what's working and what isn't.
    Schedule an introductory call with me today to discuss creating your marketing S.O.Ps

    To join the $9K program you will need to:

    ✔ Demonstrate that the business is able to set aside budget for marketing activities
    ✔ Carve out an hour of time each week for the period of our work together
    ✔ Create substantial value for your customers
    ✔ Have the required or relevant qualifications in your area of expertise

    $900K worth of value for $90K

    Science-based growth for the fraction of the cost of an in-house marketing team
    Hiring talented in-house marketing professionals is expensive.
    Hiring a couple of virtual assistant to do strategic marketing work is dumb.
    Lauren governs and leads remote teams of talented, qualified professionals to implement your day-to-day needs for business growth.
    For a fee of $7,500USD/month Lauren and her team will manage the day-to-day operations for the growth division of your business.
    To begin scoping out the requirements for your business and identify the required outcomes of our work together, book in an introductory call with Lauren today.

    To join the $90K program you will need to:

    ✔ Speak with Lauren and discuss your business growth objectives
    ✔ Have established style and branding guidelines
    ✔ Be in a position to commit to a 12-month retainer of $7,500USD per month
    ✔ Carve at 1-hour per week for ongoing work-in-process meetings