The Business Scientist, Lauren Kress, Shares How Science Can Make You a Better Marketer

    By Justin Womack, Marketing Geeks | media | 11 May 2019 |

    This week on Marketing Geeks, Justin Womack takes on solo duties for the episode and interviews "The Business Scientist," Lauren Kress about how science can make you a better marketer and a better business person.

    Lauren Kress is a neuroscientist turned entrepreneur and now operates an agency offering her services as a high end consultant, project manager, and workshop facilitator. Her company helps businesses and non-profits to achieve massive success in their industry.

    Lauren is also the host of her own podcast, "The Oyster with Lauren Kress" where she interviews and speaks with industry leaders and founders to debunk prominent business myths that can hurt businesses. I had the privilege of being a guest on that show earlier this year and will share that interview here.

    You can listen to Justin Womack's interview on Lauren Kress' "The Oyster" Podcast here:


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