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    What is Science? Lauren Kress Explains (What Science Says)

    By Lauren Kress | youtube, popular, what science says | 11 Jul 2020 |

    What is science, how does science work and how can science help you in life? In episode 3 of "What Science Says" I'm talking about what science is all about. We're going to debunk some of the myths surrounding science, talk about the placebo effect, dependent and independent variables, controlled experiments and the scientific method.


    The Law of Attraction: What Science Says

    By Lauren Kress | youtube, popular, what science says | 20 Jun 2020 |

    In this What Science Says episode I'm taking a look at the law of attraction - what it means, how it "works" and what scientific merit, if any, the "law" has. I also offer alternative scientific explanations from the disciplines of psychology and neuroscience to help explain some of the results often quoted to promote the effectiveness of the law of attraction.


    Science & Atheism: Russell Brand & Brené Brown's Strawman Argument

    By Lauren Kress | youtube, popular, what science says | 6 Jun 2020 |

    In this video I review a portion of Brené Brown's interview with Russell Brand on Under The Skin where they discuss atheism, nihilism, science, god and religion. I highlight the problems, logical fallacies, misconceptions and logical leaps that are made in their strawman argument against atheism.


    Find your Purpose - HOME START with Lauren Kress - Day 3: Ikigai - Your Reason for being

    By Lauren Kress | Home Start, vlog, youtube, popular | 16 Apr 2020 |

    Making money is only one of 4 key ingredients to launching a business that you look forward to waking up to everyday.


    How to start your business from home - HOME START with Lauren Kress - Day 1: Know Yourself

    By Lauren Kress | Home Start, vlog, youtube, popular | 14 Apr 2020 |

    Welcome to Day 1 of Home Start my new youtube video series dedicated to showing you how you can change the world from your living room.


    Parody Video: When you collaborate on a project in 2019

    By Lauren Kress, The Business Scientist | youtube, latest, popular | 18 Sep 2019 |

    Ever had a conversation that went something like this? Are communication and IM tools making it harder for you to communicate? Jokes aside, when we don't think about how we will collaborate or take the time to plan strategically we can end up wasting a lot of time and money.


    How Brands Grow by Professor Byron Sharp

    By Lauren Kress | youtube, popular | 26 Mar 2018 |

    In this video I talk about the science of marketing and the importance of evidence-based marketing with the help of Prof Byron Sharp and his book "How Brands Grow".


    The Drama Triangle

    By Lauren Kress, The Business Scientist | youtube, popular | 10 Apr 2016 |

    When it comes to intense conflicts and dramatic relationships, the drama triangle provides a useful framework for understanding what could be going on.