Marketing Optimisation: What should I fix first? (SEEN & HEARD)


    If you've got lots of things to fix in your marketing funnel - how do you figure out what to fix first?

    What optimisation activities are going to generate the best return on investment for you?

    Today Lauren Kress talks about one of the biggest issues she's seeing when it comes to content marketing and thought leadership marketing that is leading smart people astray and costing them time and money in the process.

    Time codes:

    0:27 The problem with wanting to fix everything in your marketing funnel and not fixing anything

    1:22 Why is it important to optimise your content marketing strategy & content plan

    1:42 Different stages to content planning

    2:08 Content marketing mistakes to avoid

    2:50 How to take a closer look at what's working and what's not working in your marketing funnel

    3:08 How I identified the top way people find out about me

    3:25 Taking a closer look at how people behave after they first interact

    3:41 Podcasters often give up early

    3:53 Why people give up on podcasting and content marketing early

    5:08 The value of audio visual content and short podcasts

    5:50 Understanding how to leverage thought leadership content that has high virality but low relevance

    6:50 What analytics you need to have a closer look at and why

    7:15 What to do if your LinkedIn profile is where most people are learning about who you are

    7:38 Understanding the difference between marketing optimisation for the long term and what to fix right now to benefit in the short term

    8:09 Why you need to focus on fine-tuning what's almost working first

    10:12 If you're going to invest in a copywriter, make sure they're helping with the right priorities

    10:38 The importance of analysing website behaviour and how to use Google Analytics to help

    12:07 Tying your insights back to core business objectives

    13:12 Audience question: "So, is knowing where they're coming from more important to you than the numbers of views/likes etc.?"

    13:21 The problem with vanity metrics

    14:16 Views are important but you need to make sure they're the right views

    14:50 Often the people who are engaged with our content don't click "like"

    17:00 We need to think about and look at behaviour differently to optimise our marketing activities

    17:12 Understanding good reach vs. bad reach

    18:51 Audience question: "What does the bottom of your sales funnel look like and how do we know whether top-of-funnel content reaches the bottom? Does real revenue result from your online presence?"

    19:32 On average it takes 8 touchpoints to generate a viable sales lead

    20:58 The trouble with trying to sell online as a consultant versus the value of warming up a lead online

    22:00 Professor Byron Sharp's books "How Brands Grow" and understanding industry benchmarks

    24:30 What you want to look at depending on where you're at in your content marketing journey

    25:15 Embracing the right mindset for continued improvement

    25:39 Audience question: "Is that top of funnel or middle of funnel?"

    25:50 Clarifying top-of-funnel vs. middle-of-funnel objectives

    26:29 If people are searching in google for a brand name, that means they've already heard about you

    28:22 Upcoming episodes to include to help you with your analytics

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