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    Please note unless there's a cancellation, we are generally booked out 3 months in advance with little-to-no spaces left for guests to join us. We are very selective of the guests we have on our show and are more interested in your expertise than the number of podcasts or live streams you've been on.

    If you want to increase your chances of getting a spot on the show, please pay close attention to our editorial requirements below and ensure you've had a listen to our latest podcast episodes here and LinkedIn Live interviews here.


    1. The insight you will be sharing on the show must be interesting for entrepreneurs & offer a unique perspective

    2. You are not actively pitching the same content to another show

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    Failure to comply with our editorial requirements may result in the the episode being unpublished.

    If agreeing to our editorial requirements doesn't suit your own promotional objectives then you may want to consider booking a sponsored interview, a partnership package or record your own branded content interview series.

    As a content creator, copyright infringements like rebranding and repurposing content for your own promotional purposes without the license to do so threatens our way of business and life. It is taken very seriously and something we actively monitor and prosecute.

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