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    Happy Monday! This episode follows on from last week's MONDAY MOTIVATION episode where we spoke about setting your sales target and using sales as a science to calculate your daily non-negotiable activities.

    Today we're taking a closer look at what to do (and what not to do) to start conversations to build momentum and generate sales calls with valuable leads.

    To help you remember the different things you can do I've created a PIN on pinterest and a blog post as well that will give you more detail around each of the conversation starter methods you can use for your lead generation.

    Keep scrolling to access the blog post and tool for this week!

    Key Time Codes:

    0:03 Last week's episode and activity - your weekly KPI's

    0:44 The challenge with keeping on track after your first week

    1:06 Coping with self-doubt as a solopreneur

    1:33 Inspiration to stay consistent with your business development

    2:20 Sales strategies to generate leads and conversations without spending money

    5:15 Your actions this week to stay on track and reach your sales targets

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    Learn 5 ways to start conversations with people who need your help right now

    5 ways to book more sales calls each week

    1) Leverage your existing network

    Who do you know who can help you get momentum with your business development over the next week?

    Write down the names of 20 people who think will be willing and able to help connect you with potential customers or other key stakeholders over the next month.

    Think about how you can provide value to each of these people and reach out to see if they'd be available for a virtual cuppa over the next couple of weeks.

    If you want to learn more ways to build your network you can also check out my interview with Christine Smith, the Obi Wan Kanobi of networking.

    2) Search & seek your next ideal prospect

    Before you start reaching out to people cold, make sure you empathy map your ideal client.

    Once you've done this together with your key stakeholder map you're going to have a pretty good idea of where they're hanging out and how you can find them.

    If you're selling a premium product or service, investing time in researching 30 prospects over the next week is going to be well worth it.

    There's loads of resources on how to write a message that is going to increase your chances of a positive response - I recommend having a listen to my interview with Liam Redmond to learn more about what you can say or download a copy of his eBook on how to book 100 meetings a month here.

    3) Answer relevant questions in Facebook Groups

    Facebook groups are a super useful way of figuring out who on Facebook is going to be interested in your product or service.

    A few caveats here though:

    - Don't be THAT person in the group who is spamming people with promo info and linking back to your landing pages - it's likely to land you in getting kicked out of the group and also really annoy members.

    - If you're joining a group owned by a competitor, ask yourself whether they could instead be a collaborator - maybe there's an opportunity for you to help one another grow.

    Instead, think of Facebook Groups as a place you can hang out to learn about your customers and provide value with answers to questions members have - right when they need them!

    Being there for people when they need it most goes a long way in building trust and establishing relationships. When people ask for more help, ask if a conversation on messenger or a meeting would be helpful.

    4) LinkedIn marketing

    LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful way to identify and connect with your next ideal prospect especially if you're in a B2B industry.

    The advantage that LinkedIn has over other platforms is that you can see the role a person has within a company or as a small business owner and get a good understanding of what is going on for that person based on their professional experience and interests.

    It is also for this reason that on LinkedIn, you need to pay close attention to the profile of your potential prospect.

    Spammy messages might get you a few leads from the "low hanging fruit" but long term you can burn a lot of bridges with people who do in fact need your help and would be a perfect candidate for a sales call.

    So take the time to generate leads from LinkedIn by treating people like humans and be a human.

    To learn more about how to setup your profile, create powerful posts* and connect with the people who will be keen for a chat, have a listen to my Monday Motivation episode on LinkedIn marketing and what's working in 2020.

    *Bonus tip - if someone likes or comments on your post - make sure you reach out to connect with them and follow up with a message to say thanks and ask to have a chat!

    5) Content Collaboration

    A great way to meet people, strike up a conversation and generate valuable leads is to find common ground.

    When we approach people to create something of meaning together they are much more likely to warmly welcome us into their network.

    Content collaborations can take many forms - it could be a recorded zoom chat that you use to create a bunch of video pieces for the two of you to use.

    It could be a live stream, a podcast, webinar, or guesting on one another's group coaching calls.

    For me, having a vodcast has enabled me to meet and interview hundreds of business experts who often become friends and some also become clients.

    In this way content collaborations serve multiple purposes in being able to build relationships with your collaborators directly, produce valuable content to build your brand on your own channels and promote yourself to your collaborators network.

    The key thing to understand with content collaborations is that it massively opens up networking opportunities so you need to get crystal clear about what value you can offer and what you want to ask for. 

    If you want to learn about how you can collaborate with me you can learn how to be a guest on my show here.

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