How to create a LinkedIn Newsletter: LinkedIn Update for 2022

    By Lauren Kress

     2 minute read

    6 days ago LinkedIn rolled out a new update on how to create a LinkedIn Newsletter via LinkedIn creator mode. Here's a short walk through of this latest LinkedIn News and how LinkedIn users with creator mode turned on can create their newsletter on LinkedIn and invite their connections to follow.

    How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter

    On Desktop*:

    Step 1. Click home at the top of the screen to Navigate to your home page (you can also get there directly via

    Step 2. At the top of the feed where you can "start a post", click on the light red "Write Article" icon

    Step 3. If you are given the "Publish as" option, select your profile and click next (this will be the case if you manage LinkedIn Pages as well as your profile)

    Step 4. Click on the button "Create a Newsletter"

    Step 5. Complete the information requested in the pop-up newsletter and click "done"

    *Note: You can't create an article via the LinkedIn Mobile app and therefore can't use your mobile to create a newsletter

    Video Transcript:

    G'day everyone. Lauren Kress, The Business Scientist here, I'm very excited to announce this LinkedIn update that apparently happened six days ago. I just found out today.

    So I was on LinkedIn and for some reason opened up my creator mode access - I'll show you how to do that in a second - and I realised I had access to the LinkedIn newsletter.

    Now I'll do a separate video on how you can get create mode turned on if you have access to that. But in this video, I'm just gonna show you how to create a newsletter.

    So, so excited - if you like being able to read through, and follow along with instructions, I'll put the link to, this here, but essentially it walks you through step by step, exactly what you need to do, which is what we're going to be doing now.

    Okay. So if you' re over on your LinkedIn profile first, you need to make sure your creator mode is turned on, which you'll see, down here. And like I said, I'll do a separate video on how to do that. Now, if you go into creator mode, you'll see what you have access to. And you can see here, I have access to LinkedIn live and newsletters.

    Okay. So then what we need to do is we need to go to our homepage where we would start a post. We need to click "write article" and you, you select, if you've got multiple pages, select who you're writing for, and here it is that big, beautiful button I was looking for, over a year ago. Now that says, create a newsletter.

    So you put in your content the first time that you're creating a newsletter, you'll be able to publish it as you publish your next article and you can create your own newsletter. You can select how often you want to publish.

    You can talk about what your newsletter does, and I'm really exciting that you can notify your entire network when you publish your first issue of your newsletter.

    Now, for me, that's over 8,000 people. So this is a huge, huge opportunity. I also want to make sure I get that right. Also note that you only have one newsletter per member.

    So be careful when you set this up, I'll do some more videos in the future on how to get that right, and what I'm learning along the way as well. If you enjoy this video and you want more LinkedIn tips, more tips on how to grow your business with marketing and business science, please make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

    I also do videos on things like decision making and career, if that's something you're interested in also. Have an awesome day and I look forward to seeing you next time.

    Cheers guys.

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