Design your niche business: How to use behavioural economics to grow your business online


    How can behavioural economics help you find your niche and grow your business?

    Find out in today's Live with Leading Thinkers where I speak with Melissa Pepers to discover the art and science behind growing your business online.

    We're talking startup mistakes, how to avoid boring your audience and the importance of gaining a loyal following that is dying to work with you! In this interview we cover:

    - The problem many businesses face when it comes to getting cut through in their market

    - Niche business design, the different types of niches and why they enable you to attract more customers

    - Common startup mistakes

    - How to define your target audience and the problem you solve for them

    - The problems with the way most businesses are doing their market research

    - How to design an extraordinary business

    - How to connect your business strategy with your marketing activities

    - Understanding the customer buyer's journey offline and offline

    - How to setup your startup for success

    Melissa Pepers is the Founder of Bonbo, a business design company transforming boring businesses into extraordinary ones.

    Melissa believes that to succeed in business it's important to have an ambitious yet achievable roadmap so you can have fun while your business blows minds.

    Find out more about Melissa and her work on Instagram here @bonboau

    Or visit Melissa's website

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