We're kicking off this podcast series with the definition of the term brand and talking about how brand growth will help you unlock your potential so you can get more out of your life!

    Key discussion points:

    1) Who is this show made for?
    2) Brand will help you to have more influence and impact in your professional and your personal life
    3) How to get the most out of this show
    4) Your brand is your reputation - how others perceive you, your company, your movement or your idea
    5) A brand needs to have a reason to exist - otherwise, why is the brand there? What value does it have?
    6) We trust brands who aren't trying to just "fit in" but truly stand for something

    A quote to share
    "The most successful personal brands will focus on sharing that most authentic self with the world and in business it's the same - we trust brands who aren't trying to just fit in, but truly stand for something. We trust brands who act on their intentions." - Lauren Kress
    Tomorrow's Episode:

    We're going to explore more about the alignment between what we say and what we do. In order to build a strong reputation that draws people in and invites them to be a part of our story, we need to define our purpose. Tomorrow we will go through step-by-step how to define your purpose.

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    Full Transcript:

    G'day everyone and welcome to our first episode of Grow Your Brand the podcast show where we talk about how to unlock your potential so you can make your mark. I'm your host Lauren Kress The Business Scientist and I'm so excited to be kicking of 2020 with this brand new show (see what I did there?).

    Now before we get started in case you're wondering, who is this show really for? Is this show for me?

    Well, maybe let me start by telling you who this show isn't for. This show isn't for people who want to stay under the radar.

    So if you like living a quiet life and going about your day and you you're comfortable and you want to keep things the way they are, well switch this podcast off right now, because mate, you've got everything just the way you like it! How lucky is that?

    But seriously, look, if you want to have more influence in the world you live in, if you want to make a difference, have your voice heard, climb the corporate ladder, turn your side-hustle into your day job or make meaningful connections with more people then keep listening because your growing your brand is what enables you to have the influence and impact you desire in both your professional and your personal life.

    "But Lauren, that's not about my brand, that's about my self-development isn't it?" a great point - but what we're going to cover in this first episode will explain to you exactly why growing your brand will help you gain so much more out of your life. So we're kicking off this episode by talking about what your brand is.

    The way I've structured this series is so that if you're completely new to the concept of brand and branding you can start at the very beginning and work your way forward from there.

    That's the way I would recommend you listen to this - even if you are a more seasoned brand expert - because part of what we're going to breakdown and discuss throughout this series is the common industry mistakes and misconceptions about brand growth and it will be easier to keep track if you listen from the beginning.

    Each episode is designed to be ten minutes or less because - well, we're all busy aren't we?

    So why will growing your brand help you gain more out of life?

    What does brand have to do with unlocking your potential?

    If you're familiar with the term "brand", you probably already have an idea of what I'm getting at here.

    Simply put, your brand is your reputation. Remember in school when we'd worry about our reputation?

    Brand is the perception others have of a person, place or product or a concept or movement.

    To keep it simple, I'm going to say "your brand" when I'm referring to the brand you're wanting to build because as we'll discuss throughout the series, the same principles apply whether you're thinking about your personal brand, your company brand, an idea you're writing about for a new book or a movement you're creating as a social enterprise.

    The reason I like to use the term reputation when I talk about brand, is that it's a concept we're all familiar with. We know that if we have a strong reputation - that a lot of people think highly of us - it makes it much easier to influence others and achieve our goals.

    If we're on good terms with our work colleagues, then we can ask for a favor, if people like our product then they will tell other people to buy our product. So back to you reaching your potential and getting more out of life. The most important aspect of a brand is a reason to exist.

    If there is no reason for a brand to be there, then it simply cannot be there because it has no meaning or relevance to you or others.

    Seems simple enough right?

    Why are we here? No reason, OK let's go home.

    I used to read those choose your own adventure Goosebumps books when I was a kid and there would always be an option right at the beginning to not go on the adventure and stay home. So it would be like "Turn to page 43 if you sneak out of home to go to the abanadoned theme park" or go to page 20 if you decide to stay home and go to sleep" and I'd always see what happened if I went to page 20 and decided to stay home. And R. L. Stine was like, yeah nah, end of story, go back pick another adventure.

    Same with brand, right? So we have to think about what it is we want to achieve.

    Why are we here, what are we going to do? Now, when it comes to living our life and achieving our potential, this intentional exercise of thinking about our brand - because like it or not, we all have one - it really forces us to think about our goals, our ambitions, and most importantly how to show up and represent who we are to the world.

    I'm a big fan of Brene Brown and in one of her more recent books "Braving the Wilderness" she talks about this idea of true belonging.

    She says:

    "True belonging is the spiritual practice of believing in and belonging to yourself so deeply that you can share your most authentic self with the world and find sacredness in both being a part of something and standing alone in the wilderness."

    The most successful personal brands will focus on sharing that most authentic self with the world and in business it's very much the same - we trust brands who aren't trying to just fit in, but truly stand for something. We trust brands who act on their intentions.

    Our brand has the power to move people, to inspire people, to create change. In the next episode we're going to explore more about this alignment between what we say and what we do - in order to build a strong reputation that draws people in and invites them to be a part of our story, we need to define our purpose - and that's what we're going to talk about in tomorrow's episode.

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    If you want to let me know what you think of the show my twitter handle is @laurenkress89 or you can connect with me on LinkedIn by searching for Lauren Kress, The Business Scientist. In the meantime you can access a full transcript of this first episode at laurenkress.com/growyourbrand. Thank you for listening.

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