Brand Strategy: The role of employee advocacy for brand growth


    I'm so excited to be joined by Meredith Cranmer, Co-Founder of Award-Winning agency Because for today’s live stream interview episode on Grow Your Brand.

    We’re talking about creating a culture that continues to thrive in difficult times and how to harness the power of your employees to grow your brand.

    During this live stream we’ll discuss:

    - What your brand is and why it's so important for your business

    - How employee engagement can boost your brand growth

    - The importance of brand ambassadorship in re-engaging staff

    - The importance of active listening in leadership - How to cultivate a high performance culture - Tapping into employee passions to encourage employee advocacy of your brand - Tips for onboarding your staff to encourage brand advocacy and much, much more.

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    You can also learn more about Because at

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