Use Your Now

    Are you using what you have right now to drive your business forward?
    When we spend a lot of time focused on our future - what CAN be - it’s so easy to neglect the present - what IS.
    Instead we keep looking to the horizon and planning for the future.
    Having a vision is important - but it isn’t enough.
    We also MUST look at what we have right now. What we can leverage TODAY.
    Every single business I’ve worked with has overlooked at least one incredible asset and key leverage point.
    By helping clients to think outside the box I've helped them to:
    - Attract new clients within 1 week
    - Increase 10-20% on annual profits within 2-4 weeks
    - Book more speaking gigs
    - Forge new alliances and partnerships
    - Get into the media... and more.
    When we take a closer look at what you have - and how to best use this - opportunities will flood in.
    Finding these assets is like searching for buried treasure

    Book your session today to find your buried treasure!

    $9K value for $150USD

    After spending over 3 years working with clients to grow their business and brand, Lauren has designed this 90-minute session to help you gain clarity and focus on the next step for your business.

    Tailored to suit your needs, for just $150USD Lauren will work with you one-on-one to help you use your now to take your most valuable next step.

    "A 90-minute LinkedIn Marketing Session with Lauren has already assisted Cloud Staffing to acquire 2 extra LinkedIn clients in the following week proceeding the session. Copier World in Sydney and Exante Digital in Sydney come on board in the following week alone and we are excited for all the other clients that will follow. The value for money provided by Lauren is second to none."

    - Brenton Butler, Founder, Cloud Staffing