Event Coverage: Neurodiversity at Work

    In November 2019, Thriving Now put on a symposium in Sydney that brought together some of Australia's leading thinkers on Neurodiversity in the workplace.

    This series was created to capture the perspectives and insights shared on the day to help you grow your enterprise by embracing difference through the employment of people with ADHD, autistic individuals and dyslexic individuals.

    Project Deliverables:

    - Pre-roll script and guest introductions

    - Pre-interviews with 8 guest speakers

    - Discussion Guide design for 8 interviews

    - Podcast booth installation at event

    - Interview facilitation and recording at the symposium

    - Podcast launch pack (Podcast Name consultation, Podcast thumbnail design, episode thumbnails,  episode descriptions)

    - 8 x 10-15 minute edited and audio optimised podcast episodes

    - 8 x 1-2 minute highlight audiograms for social media promotion

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